Flexibility and clarity of financial settlements

We offer our Clients flexible and clear rules of financial settlements. During the first meeting with a Client we define the scope of legal assistance required, which is necessary to define the rules of co-operation with the Client. Before engaging in any case, we inform our Clients about our fees or the method of their calculation and about the subject of our services. Providing legal services requires mutual trust so if a client decides not to use our services after the initial meeting we do not charge them with the cost of the meeting and the preparation of our offer.

Our Clients value most the possibility of remunerating us in the form of a set monthly payment. This form of payment guarantees our Clients access to complex legal services and the predictability of their costs. The amount of such a monthly payment is calculated individually to meet our Clients’ expectations and give them access to comprehensive legal assistance for a reasonable price, also for those who use a limited range of legal assistance.

Our services can also be paid for according to hourly rates, which are agreed on individually with Clients depending on the complexity of a case. This form of payment is favourable in small cases and also when it is difficult at the start to anticipate the scope of our services which will be required. In this kind of case we decide with a Client on the maximum number of hours. The client is informed when this limit is exceeded. This allows our Clients to track the cost of legal services.

At our Clients’ request we can also agree on a lump sum for a particular case, for example for preparing a tenancy agreement or the establishment and registration of a limited liability company.

In some case we may agree with a Client on a bonus for winning the case, a so-called success fee. Depending on our arrangements, remuneration may consist of basic remuneration and a success fee defined as a percentage of a particular amount of money. A success fee is only paid if the outcome is positive for the Client and a debt collected from the debtor. Our lawyers are open to Clients’ expectations, in particular with respect to the form of payment for the services provided. Taking into account the individual needs of our Clients, we are prepared to work out flexible solutions for our mutual co-operation.