Foreign languages

Knowledge of foreign languages is nowadays necessary for establishing commercial relationships with foreign Clients, providing services to entities with foreign capital as well as for litigating cases in which foreign documents or provisions of  foreign law are involved.

Bearing in mind the needs of our Clients, related to understanding and drafting documents in foreign languages, as well as conducting meetings in their native language, we also provide our services in the English and German languages.

We understand that cultural differences, and in particular the differences in legal systems of various countries  pose significant difficulties to our foreign Clients in understanding the provisions of Polish law and that is why we strive to explain as clearly as possible their meaning and the reason for their application in a particular situation.

Using our experience, we offer in particular:

  • conducting telephone conversations, meetings, conferences and teleconferences in foreign languages,
  • drafting contracts in foreign languages or in bilingual versions,
  • drafting bilingual corporate documents,
  • litigating cases with use of foreign documents.

Our knowledge of legal German and English is a result of:

  • studying law in both these languages at Humbold University of Berlin,
  • participating in numerous language courses,
  • co-operating with legal offices in Berlin and Szczecin,
  • providing services to entities with foreign capital,
  • conducting cases related to the international carriage of goods by road,
  • litigating cases and providing services for clients speaking the English or German language,
  • co-operating in litigating cases outside of Poland.


With international cases, where the law requires their litigating in a foreign country, we provide assistance in establishing relationships with foreign lawyers and in the day-to-day management of the case.

With the aim of providing the highest quality services, we co-operate with sworn translators of English and German, who specialise in legal language.